Santoor Lena Bicycle


Steve discovered some covers in his loft. Seem that we got a bit carried away painting at the time. Unfortunately all the original CDs sold out, so these contain a CDr instead.

Price € 30.- including postage.

2000 CD UK United Dairies UD053

500 In wooden sleeve painted on both sides.

A3 insert of 11 of the paintings

Track Listing

1.Sparking Cloud (Outing)


3.Gongs + Wood

4.Mary Jane [brain004a]

5.Bathing In Air

6.Two from Half's be Cracked

7.Sunset Belly Mother

8.Generally Regarded as Safe [ud069]

9.Peak of Purified Dream

10.Dusty Bella

11.Knife Knows his Doing

Sleeve Notes

Thanks Hugo Smith

From insert:

Paintings by Steven Stapleton and Aranos exhibited in Town Hall Studio, Galway, Ireland.


Nurse With Wound / Aranos: Santoor Leena Bicycle.

Gallery edition of 500 CDs in handmade covers.


Santoor Lena Bicycle is the latest collaboration of Nurse With Wound and Aranos available in Gallery edition Limited to 500 copies. Each CD is contained in a handmade case crafted from two wooden squares with original and unique artwork on both sides. CD has 11 tracks.

Other Images

Santoor Lena Bicycle Insert

Press Release

Steven Stapleton and Aranos painted large paintings (8 by 4 feet) by both of them working simultaneously on every one. All 18 were exhibited for one day in Town Hall Studio, Galway, Ireland. As they hang on swivels from the ceiling they swayed and twisted to the strains of Santoor Lena Bicycle.

Next day, paintings were cut into 1000 pieces to make 500 covers for Santoor Lena Bicycle CD. An A3 size poster in full colour accompanies it with 11 of the paintings before dissection.