Nurse With Wound / aranos : [SIC]


Nurse With Wound / aranos : [SIC]

{SIC] comes in a handmade cover, each copy individually crafted from recycled plywood and cloth, decorated by use of stencils and printing blocks. Optional second disc [SIC] - Bonus

Three tracks are: 1:Letter from Topor; 2: Eyes of a Scanning Girl; 3: Monsterkamer (Orgasm)

Optional second disc [SIC] - Bonus contains 1: Letter from Topor (Draft);  2: Eyes of a Scannong Girl (Draft). These are different mixes of the  tracks on [SIC]. [SIC]

You had to wonder first time through their eyes. Primary means sensory concept. Forty people squashed in a small room. Guy called Bushy played dumb dumb to crowd surfing toilet. Multitude swayed and cried fronting the Chinese rock'n'roll  takeaway band. 19 pre-pubescent pterodactyls list vampire records chronologically. Bushy feels they came to be frustrated in new little venues. Procession of bats and traffic in urban sound design.

Acoustic instruments used in creating [SIC] and [SIC] Bonus include: locust pod, reco-reco, atabaque, vozembouch, cuica, hungu,  slide carambolade, double breasted field jacket, agogo, caxixi,  Shakuhachi, double bass, violin, santoor, zither, chimes, bells, gongs, piano frame, fishing line, didgeridoo, bicycle wheel (alloy), daxophone, chinese metal shaker, conch, piano, sarangi, straw cymbalom, to mention but a few.

€ 35.- for  both [SIC] and [SIC] Bonus.

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