In Snow on Ice Cabbage Dances


Electron beams

of alien dreams

TV’s air

of fake despair

      In snow

         On ice

Cabbage dances

Casette release on Sangoplasmo label

Casette (and CDr included)

€ 7.- (including postage)

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The sound pokes into its most abstract abilities on this tape. It concists of two 30-minute tracks.

On the first track (Overborne continents) the sound fidgets and touches its own parts trying to understand the holy nature of each sonic move. Lucid and dramatic percussion appears as an onlooker constantly checking the time as if waiting for something. Slow and quiet guitar passes by and leaves deliquescing trace behind. The latter is immediately filling out with amorphous, sibilat substance and eternal vibes. This is an image of an empty city.

The second track (Therefore autumn therefore) shows the same approach but from a different angle. The 'kinoeye' is chained to the only sight. What we hear is a rendition of that sight. More and more details appear in the depiction. Convulsive sounds of bells are trying to remove us from the fixed point and at the end of 8th minute they do manage to do that. We enter a massive, cold and windy sound environment rarely interrupted by quiet ritual beats and far guitar drones. At the end melodic and unusually warm strings appear as the last tempting but then we find ourselves in the cold desert again. Very strong, masterful story.

Highly recommended!

And another one:

Got a message that spinned my world with new Aranos album. Meet new Polish label named Sangoplasmo and it's very first release —a

2011 2-tracks/1-hour In Snow On Ice Cabbage Dances goodness.

"Cabbage Dances is a professionally duplicated c63 cassette containing Aranos' two excellent experimental instrumental soundscapes recorded using double bass, drum, zither, santoor, shakuhachi, rainmaker, turntable, violin, atabaque, berimbau, bells and viola."

If some of you was keeping an eye on this man's work, now you have a clue how to spend your excess 5 bucks.

And some more kind words, thank you PETRIBLOG :

The first side, a 31.5 minute (lengths kindly provided by on-cassette labeling) piece called “Overborne Continents”, begins with some hesitant wooden percussive sounds, and what sounds like a stand-up bass, similarly hesitating to take full initiative to set things into motion. A minute or two passes by which gave me the feeling at first that maybe I was in for a jazz trio sort of thing. I knew Aranos used a violin, and the stand-up bass sound added to that knowledge pushed my imagination in the direction of this idea. He was embarking on an improvisational jazz piece, I thought. Over the next minute or two, a rain stick is added to the incidental sounds, which are all occasionally tapping in the random tempo of a wind chime barely shifting in a weak breeze. After a couple more minutes a strange, eerie backdrop of tonality is added in which ties everything together with an atmosphere that fits well with the title of the cassette, or at least the snow and ice part. Things are frozen in motion or moving slowly. The tonal backdrop is occasionally augmented by a couple of santoor strings touched gently. The note played on the stringed instrument is strangely discordant and enhances the eerieness. Cold isolated feelings are held in suspended animation using these instruments and the open spaces between them. He did not embark on an improvisational jazz piece. He did something much more enchanting and cool.

Side B’s “Therefore Autumn Therefore”

This piece is very much in the same territory as “Overborne Continets”. Beginning with a skipping record, emphasizing and focusing on the skip-blip. Quiet and strange, repeating and clustering over itself. This builds and wind chimes are added. This clustering of clicks, small obscure tones and ringing wind chimes builds but the atmosphere is still of lonely, cold, wide open arctic scape. Rumbling accumulates, and after some time this all abruptly drops dead into silence. From out of the nothing comes a strange screeching, somewhere between a record needle scratch and a baloon being rubbed. This transitions into the next absorbing atmosphere. Earthy wind instrument? tones are held steady. Here and there is pensive thumping of a small percussive device that reminds me of a jaw harp. High pitched tones, generated perhaps from a turntable being hand driven to play some record with tones at variable speeds, go up up and down a bit and up again, swooping around the upper end of the sound field. This comes and goes. There’s always space left for the elements to breathe. Delayed santoor arrives after some time, thickening the mood effectively. After some time, deep bovine-sounding creaks come at natural rhythms (at the rate of insects or cows calling) from a pair of bowed string instruments.

I was thinking that this could be called ‘electroacoustic’ music, but then realized that this is more of an acoustic-acoustic music, in that all of the sounds are of acoustic instruments, except for a sideways interlude of a violin and organ ditty (might be informed by the Nurse With Wound playbook…or just a whimsical streak of sentimental mischief…?) from what seems to be a record (might be a piece by Aranos) being played on side B. Here is where the mention of cabbage makes sense to me. There’s a taste for the odd, but it’s subtle and not over emphasized. It’s simultaneously sad, nostalgic and comical they way it comes off to me. I can see cabbage with legs dancing on ice during this interjection. Some of the sounds are possibly sampled, too. Electro-acoustic or not…maybe a couple of people somewhere care but I don’t. This is a very beautiful and emotionally complex recording; expertly arranged and conceived. Strenuously recommended, but unavailable @ Sangoplasmo, so get it directly from the best source possible – the artist himself!