sound of gypsy zen


Crow eye hint

This is a drone record. Piano sustain pedal depressed and released activates

resonanacy in all strings. Microphone placed inside the piano records these

as a moving aural landscape punctuated by giant footsteps of the pedal. 5 minutes

deep in this world a burst of sound of one note ripping forwards and backwards

cuts into pleasant reverie for a  few seconds, than melancholy of vivisected piano

returns and increases in intensity. Upon reaching it's conclusion, single note of the

same piano replaces it. Through rhythmical permutations this note creates a drone

inviting strings. Pedal adds a forward movement. At a given point whole body of sound

shifts up a semitone, changes colour, keeps increasing in complexity until final


Crow eye hint comes on CD pressed from a glass master in a case handmade from pine

veneers and canvass. Includes two woodcut prints.

Price €15.- includes shipping worldwide.

This is a mp3 file of the whole record. Why would you want to buy it,

if you can listen to it here for free? Maybe you'd like a higher sound

quality of a CD. Maybe you'd like a physical object. You might like the

handmade cover. perhaps you might enjoy supporting my efforts to create

and release music and art. I'd love you to have a good quality copy, so

here it is. If you would like the CD copy without a cover (CD, not a CDr)

you can order it here for € 5.- including shipping.

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