Acts of Senseless Beauty

Double vinyl arts edition


Originally released on CD in 1997, this reissue includes a full side of new music.

This art edition is limited to 50 copies on clear vinyl. Hand made, numbered and signed gatefold sleeve and labels by the artists with golden and black pen writings. Part of a total pressing of 440 copies. Included is also the regular edition gatefold sleeve, but not part of the art edition.

Thanks to: Peat Bog, David Kenny

And not forgetting: Dave Andrews, Colin Potter, Matt Purcell, Christoph, David, Drei and Roo

Track titles are not given on the release, taken from the CD version from 1997.

Informations about the release from the Tourette website:

"As hinted on a cover artwork, original CD documented sketchily research into humanisation of fish in rivers and bodies of water surrounded by large clots of humans - Thames <> London, Hudson<> New York, LIffy<>Dublin, Vltava<>Prague and so forth an on and on and over and out.

It also constituted the first publicly documented collaboration of the aforementioned grouping of psycho-acoustic researchers. To fill the side d of the double LP with vibrations appropriate to the occasion, NWW/a revisited underwater lay-line tangents and discovered, not altogether to their surprise, that humanised fish has evolved in the intervening time gap and x-bread with squirrel fearing krustations, thus acquiring a defense mechanism against cosmic fluons constantly passing through their minds causing formation of irritating ideas.

As these highly evolved creatures resent being photographed and punish transgressors by their sharp mind teeth, we present an artist impression on the front page of the gatefold. These creatures constantly shape shift as they move between dimensions 6 and 7, so other artist impressions will be presented in the art series of this release. Music/noise on the track describes in some details conversations and revelations of these Piscus Sapiens Emoticus.

Revelations important to humankind and their pets. Plants of various species and specialities benefit too, some normously, some enormously, mostly succulently, spinally, thornily or smoothly greening."

AllMusic Review by Rolf Semprebon

This pairing of Nurse With Wound's usual, or rather unusual, sonic collages with the more organic sounds of Aranos' violin gels quite nicely, with neither artist subsuming the other. If anything, like on the best collaborations, they push each other beyond their normal boundaries, and certainly this album is far more playful than previous collaborations involving NWW/Steve Stapleton. Many of the tracks start out in ambient territory, slow tentative explorations of improvisational scrapes and hums. Many of these either build up slowly, or erupt quite suddenly into throbbing avant-rock structures, at which point the violin dances and weaves wildly among the clattering rhythms and other sounds, eventually to slide back into a droning murky dissonance or dreamy flows. Added to this mix are a few sections of heavily processed vocals chanting bizarrely. From the beginning of "Either Open or Unsound" unfurling like the soundtrack to a haunting movie, to the hidden track at the end with dub-rhythms and more crazed vocals, Acts of Senseless Beauty offers a bizarre hallucinatory journey into another musical dimension.